Once you have decided that 529 plans are the right investment for you – how do you pick a plan? There are numerous plans to choose from, all with potential benefits.

Virginia529 College Savings Plan offers numerous advantages, for Virginia residents and those living outside of the state:

  • Nation’s largest 529 plan with over 2.2 million accounts
  • Four flexible & affordable programs
  • Up to $4,000 deduction per year, per account for Virginia taxpayers, with unlimited carryforward
  • Open with as little as $25
  • Federal tax–free earnings when used for qualified higher education expenses
  • inVEST and CollegeAmerica have been ranked among the best college savings programs by Morningstar and Savingforcollege.com
  • Benefits can be used worldwide, not just in Virginia
  • Savings programs open year round
  • Different investment options for different risk tolerances
  • One of only 11 states offering a prepaid tuition plan
  • No state residency restrictions or beneficiary age limits for savings programs
  • Accounts can be transferred between beneficiaries