September is College Savings Month

It’s back to school time! Surprised that summer break is over? Imagine how you’ll feel the summer after your child graduates from high school. Will you be prepared financially for his or her post–secondary education?

September is College Savings Month to help remind parents across the United States that "back to school" also means "soon to college."

What can you do to ensure college doesn’t catch you off guard?

  • Open a Virginia529 college savings account with as little as $25. Every dollar saved is a dollar you don’t have to borrow.
  • Already have a Virginia529 account? Log in and set up automatic monthly contributions.
  • Use Virginia529’s College Savings Planner calculator to find out how much college could cost. If you’re already saving, compare your balance to the cost of college.
  • Inspire others with your Saving Success Story. Whether it is about your experience saving for college, using your Virginia529 account, or the importance of saving and attending college, share it! Send your story or tip to
  • Give the gift of education. Make a special contribution to a Virginia529 account for a loved one.
  • Follow Virginia529 on Facebook and Twitter for savings tips, program news and exclusive opportunities. Spread the word to your family and friends by sharing our posts and tweet #VA529!

What is College Savings Month?

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